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How can I change my current region?

Yudonpay is available in 7 countries and we’re still growing. At the moment, it’s available in Spain, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Argentina and Peru. Yudonpay is available in Spanish and in English in those 7 countries.

The Yudonpay team is continuously working on implementing improvements to make the user experience even better. In order to provide a personalised experience for each market and its clubs, language and specific deals, we suggest creating an account for each region you wish to add. If you wish to change your current region:

  1. Go to “My profile” and click “Log out” at the bottom of the screen.
  2. On Yudonpay’s start screen, select the flag of the country shown in the top left corner.
  3. Swipe through the options of the country offered until you find the flag you’re looking for and select your preferred registration mode (Facebook, Google or email).
  4. Indicate you wish to create an account and fill in the required fields with your information.
  5. Confirm the information entered is correct. You can now start taking advantage of all the deals Yudonpay has to offer.

To add your first card:

  1. Select “Add your first card” and look for the one you want to add.
  2. If you’re already a member of the club, click on “I’m already a member”.
  3. Scan the code on your card or enter it manually.
  4. Confirm the information is correct and click on “connect”.

Congratulations! Your first card has been added.